Thinking About Starting a Vegetable Garden?

Juicy red tomatoes, warm from the sun. A salad of fresh-clipped lettuce leaves. The scent of basil & oregano cut from your own pot of herbs.

Home-grown food is more appealing. And we’re branching out from the more traditional vegetables grown in a container, to a broader variety. Carrots, onion, spinach, chard, edible flowers — much of what you buy at a grocery store can be grown at home.

But moving beyond a few tomato plants staked along your backyard fence can seem daunting for the average family. Technology though makes home gardening far easier than ever before. You don’t have to tear up your lawn, or deal with furrows and hoeing. “Grow boxes” in all sizes, shapes, and volume, can be purchased at garden centers, home repair stores, or … you can build one yourself!

Get started on producing your own vegetables with a demonstration on grow boxes by Stan and Karen Cohn, enthusiastic amateur gardeners, on Monday evening at ORNC.

What are you thinking of growing this year?

BUILD IT, GROW IT, EAT IT: Constructing Wooden Grow Boxes
presented by Stan and Karen Cohn
Monday, March 19
Oregon Ridge Nature Center
13555 Beaver Dam Road
Cockeysville, MD 21030
410-887-1815 • TDD/Deaf 410-887-5319

More information, from the ORNC Council newsletter

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