A “Green” Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for an activity to let children run free, explore, and have fun in the outdoors – Oregon Ridge Nature Center offers many programs – such as last week-end’s St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt.

Note: To protect children’s privacy on the internet, the following photos have been selected and/or cropped so that no faces and/or identifying names are shown.

About a dozen children and their adults needed more than the “luck o’the Irish” to decipher clues on a scavenger hunt leading to a pot of gold, they also needed a wee bit of nature knowledge. And the hunt took them – not exactly to the end of a rainbow, but under the possum cage. Even then, the pot was empty. There was still another clue to solve before they reached their gold.

The hunt started at the Nature Center, where the first clue was buried amongst “shamrocks”. Each clue was a rhyme and the children had to complete the last word to learn where to head next to find the shamrock and their next clue.

Ready for the hunt: binoculars and a shamrock:

And they’re off!

One clue sent them looking for a nest. It wasn’t “up” in a tree …

This robin’s egg found in the nest held a clue:

Deciphering the rhyme:

A tree holds what you’re looking for
Find a white-barked _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. (sycamore)

And off they went to a sycamore:

Searching for the next clue in the sugarbush:

Looking for a “fir”:

the “pot of gold”! Oh my, it was empty … one more clue had to be solved before the “gold” was found in the leader’s backpack.

Oregon Ridge Nature Center holds programs and activities almost every weekend that appeal to children and adults of all ages. For upcoming events, check our calendar here.

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