Colors of March – How Many Can You Find?

Right now we’re immersed in a crayon box of color. Purple, pink, yellow, and every shade of green. Even with Spring in full bloom though, sometimes we don’t even notice the details of nature. The “outdoors” is almost only a backdrop to what we’re doing.

A fun activity to pay attention to nature, one you can do with your kids or alone, is to head outside and find as many different colors as possible. Explore the fields, trails, and meadow. All the flowers in bloom are obvious. Look closely at the tree buds. You’ll still see browns and grays, especially amongst the trees. Look at the ground – how many different shades of green can you find? Don’t forget the butterflies! I saw both yellow and white ones flitting around today.

Moss counts as a color:

How many different colors can you find?

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